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  • CALL NUMBER Title Author(s)
    BL263.H35 1987 The lie: evolution Kenneth A. Ham
    QH325.B365 1998 Darwin's Black Box : The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution Michael J. Behe
    BS651.M74 1987 What is creation science? Henry M. Morris and Gary E. Parker.
    BS650.M5628 1984 The Biblical basis for modern science Henry M. Morris.
    QH366.2.M68 The troubled waters of evolution Henry M. Morris
    BL263.M6 Science and creation: a handbook for teachers Henry M. Morris et al.
    QH371.D46 1986 Evolution: a theory in crisis Michael Denton.
    BS651.C6926 1994 The Creation hypothesis : scientific evidence for an intelligent designer J.P. Moreland, editor
    QH366.2.J65 1993 Darwin on Trial Phillip Johnson
    BT1200.J64 1995 Reason in balance: the case against naturalism in science, law & education Phillip Johnson
    BT1220.J57 2000 The wedge of truth: splitting the foundations of naturalism Phillip Johnson
    BL240.2.B423 2000 Science and evidence for design in the universe Michael J. Behe, ed.
  • CALL NUMBER Title Presenter
    BS650.A57 v.1 Creation/evolution: what it's all about! Dr. Carl Wieland
    BS650.A57 v.2 Life's origin: the bankruptcy of "chemical evolution." Dr. Jonathon Sarfati
    BS650.A57 v.3 Losing your marbles: evolution and the law of decay Dr. Stephen Grocott
    BS650.A57 v.4 Rocks, fossils, and the flood: the puzzle of the past. Dr. Tas Walker
    BS650.A57 v.6 Archaeology and the Bible. David Down
    BS650.A57 v.7 Futile compromises: let the Bible speak. Dr. Noel Weeks
    BS650.A57 v.9 Egypt or Israel? the firm foundation of biblical chronology. David Down
    BS650.A57 v.10 A scientist's testimony Dr. David Catchpoole
    BS650.A57 v.11 Changes in living things: facts vs. fantasy Dr. Don Batten
    BS650.A57 v.12 Astronomy, the Bible and the Big Bang. Dr. Danny Faulkner
    BS650.A57 v.13 Dinosaurs and the Bible Ken Ham
    BS650.A57 v.14 Biblical geology: properly understanding the rocks Dr. Tas Walker
    BS650.A57 v.15 Stars and galaxies: created or evolved? Dr. Danny Falkner
    BS650.A57 v.16 Miracles and science Dr. Jonathan Sarfati
    BS650.A57 v.17 The age of the world: science, scripture and a recent creation. Dr. Jonathon Sarfati
    BS650.A57 v.18 Spreading oceans and shifting continents: a global model of Noah's flood Dr. John Baumgardner
    BS650.A57 v.19 Creation evangelism. Ken Ham
    BS650.A57 v.23 Catastrophic plate tectonics: a closer look. Dr. John Baumgardner
    BS650.A57 v.25 Origin and destiny of our solar system Dr. Danny Faulkner
    BS650.A57 v.27 Practical creation warfare. Warwick Armstrong
    BS650.A57 v.28 Towards the future Dr. Carl Wieland